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Systems of fumigation, temperature checked’s disinsectisation and CO2.

Systems of fumigation, temperature checked’s disinsectisation and CO2. - Cells fumigation

The CMB s.r.l. has a consolidated experience in the sector of the realization of clean room, sector in which work from over 20 years.

Our professionalism and experience, put to your service to try to satisfy every demand, it has brought us to the realization of



The CMB s.r.l. realizes the following typologies of products:




Our boxes for the biological’s disinsectations are the ideal solution for the agricultural firm or the society of transformation / commerce of all that products that need to be de-roached for the workmanships or preserved before the storage in the stores, allowing to effect in really the disinsectations without having to resort to third or to use plant protection products.



Treatment with inactive gas


The fumigation consists in the elimination of grain (rice, bowline, oats, wheat, corn) parasites, spice, fruit shoal, medicinal herbs, cocoa and halzenut.
After, in 2005, the Protocol in Montreal has enacted the mass to the proclamation of steamy what the bromide of methyl, has opened new roads what the use of steamy toxic what phosphine gas and fluoride of sulphur her or the use of inactive gas what steamy echo-sustainable.
The steamy toxic have a series of for among which the speed of treatment, but they also have against as the fact to leave on the treated product residual.

The system that CMB s.r.l. has set uses entirely some use of natural (in how much present in the area that we breathe) inactive gas, what carbonic anhydride E290 or nitrogen E941. The use of this gas allows a real biological fumigation very appreciated by the market.

The fumigation "bio" happens in the cells able to work temperature checked vacuum sealed.
Before implementing a treatment it is necessary to know a series of parameters, among which the quantities to be treated, the type of infesting and relative stadium (eggs, larvas, dolls and adult), the damp and the temperature.
CMB S.r.l. it is able to propose the technology most effective according to the specific applications of the clients.



Heat treatment


The disinsectations against flying and creeping bugs entirely effected through the employment of warm air,
it is a completely ecological method that doesn't need times of lack, in how much the mortality of the infesting ones is the result of the exposure to the tall temperatures.
The treatment with warm air is based on the principle according to which the bugs in all of their vital stadiums, die beginning from a temperature of 42-45°C.
Particularly the effectiveness of the thermal treatment has been made a will in the elimination of the infesting bugs in all of their vital stadiums with identification of the times and the necessary (test entomologic) temperatures 
For what it concerns the test entomologic have been predisposed 10 kit of biomarkers each container the following kinds:


Plodia interpunctella,

to the stadium of eggs, larvae of The

age, larvae of III age and chrysalises;

Ephestia kuehniella,

to the stadium of eggs, larvae of The

age, larvae of III age and chrysalises;

Tribolium spp.,

Egg, larvae and adult;

Rhyzopertha dominica

Egg, larvae and adult;

Sitophilus oryzae,

Egg, larvae and adult.

For the test of applicability the following equipments have been employed: convector endowed with thermostat for the gradual heating of the places and the fittings up to the temperature of 55°C for 48 hours, fans and laser guns to measure the temperature reached in the environment and in the fittings. The experimentation has underlined that the treatment with warm air is effective (the mortality of the considered kinds in all the vital stadiums is of 100%) The ideal it would be to maintain the zones to be treated to a temperature of 50-58°C for 16 hours.



Advantages of the Technique


The treatment is nontoxic to 100%

Any chemical residue

Any resistance in the colony of the harmful bugs independent from the season

Sure for the consumers

Sure for the producers

Sure for the enviroment

Applicable during the process of production or workmanship

It don't serve licenses or authorizations

 The cleaning of silos, cells and pipelines is facilitated




Cells fumigation

Cells fumigation